HTM Operatives Keiron Chiverton and Faizul Tai Tai have been shortlisted for the Highways Heroes Awards.

An awards ceremony launched this year by Safer Highways which looks to recognise those who have gone above and beyond their duty, to help someone or improve a situation, either in the communities they work in or to unconditionally support fellow workers in their team.

Earlier this year, the traffic management team had intervened when they saw a member of the public walking up the ramp of the Aston expressway to a highly elevated section of the link road. They made the brave decision to stop their vehicle and reverse back along the hatching where they managed to reach the individual as they climbed over the railings.

The operatives called the emergency services immediately and waited with the member of the public, ensuring they didn’t spook them. Emergency services arrived managed to bring the member of the public back to the safe side of the railings and took them into safety.

“We’re extremely proud of the actions of our operatives and the bravery they demonstrated on this day,” said Greg Baldwin, MD at Highway Traffic Management.

“For them to be shortlisted for the Highways Heroes Awards is a fantastic achievement. It encourages us all to be considerate of others and have the courage to trust our instincts and to do the right thing.”

HTM will be supporting their operatives at the awards which take place in London at the QEII Centre in December, which will see other shortlisted nominees celebrate along with sponsors and others from within the industry.

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