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Highway Traffic Management’s vision is to create a reputation as a market leader in quality, safety, innovation and socially responsible delivery of traffic management whilst creating opportunities and financial sustainability for all interested parties. We operate traffic management under national highways sector scheme 12AB, 12C and 12D giving clients the complete traffic management package. Set up by Keith Baldwin in 1995, the company has organically growth to a company that operates across the UK with over 150 separate clients. Our headquarters is based right at the heart of the Birmingham road network, Spaghetti Junction, with a number of satellite depots across the UK also supporting the companies operations.

Our management team below has over 200 years experience in traffic management with 90% of them all started in the industry as trainees at HTM and working their way up to the positions they now hold. Our operational workforce range from Lead Operatives and Foreman with over 30 years experience to trainees that are new to the industry but eager to learn, all with the same goal of delivering the best traffic management in the UK. At the bottom of this page you will see we have a number of accreditations and are also certified to international standards in quality, health and safety and environmental giving clients further reassurance of our capabilities


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