company culture

Our culture is unique within the sector, built on expectations around good behaviours, respect and empowerment, supporting people to be the best that they can be. This has been built upon the values and behaviours of the business, which is why they are such a key part of our strategy. We use these to help recruit new people to the business, ensuring they are the right fit to help nurture this culture, using the values and behaviours as a way for us to measure the performance of our employees and ensure that they continue to support the culture within the business.

Our people are the biggest contributors and drivers of this, which is why we have Employee Voice Champions to ensure that communication between the business and our employees is supported in both directions, creating an open and inclusive environment where our people are empowered to express their thoughts, opinions and ideas.

These individuals are able to facilitate raising topics of focus from both the perspective of the business and from the perspective of our people. Employee Champions, made up of 5% of a cross-section of employees, enable 360 feedback through regular meetings, ensuring the workforce voice is heard by management and feedback or actions taken to address any matters raised are shared.

At HTM we have created a Development Framework which focuses on personal development, people skills, behaviour management and communication, underpinning industry training with soft skills to support people to be the best that they can be.

Our employees can access further training which differs depending upon the level of their qualification or role within the business. For our operational workforce, this can vary from an in-depth Competency Assessment Book, developed to guide operatives through the various steps needed to complete their next LANTRA Assessment, to course-specific training.

For other members of staff, this may look like Continued Professional Development (CPD) in the form of subject-specific qualifications to help develop and enhance their knowledge in the relevant field of expertise. We know that for our staff to perform their best, they need to ensure their knowledge is up-to-speed.

All trainees are onboarded with a 2 week competency assessment card, which helps to ensure they understand 15 core competencies to stay safe on site. This is completed in their first 2 weeks and is something developed in-house by HTM’s Training & Development department.