Cookie Policy

The purpose of this notice is to explain how visiting our website results in the collection and use of your personal information via cookies and how we comply with data protection law. In legal terms, we act as a ‘data controller’ for any information directly collected by our company Highway Traffic Management Ltd.

Cookies are collected by our website provider to improve your experience when you visit our website and by third parties you may use such as search engines. They help to distinguish you from other users and to customise web pages by remembering your preferences, like font size.

What’s a cookie?

A cookie and similar technologies are small files or pieces of text sent from a website which is then stored by your web browser. When you return to the website the information in the cookie can be used to recognise your last session.

Cookies can’t install malicious software such as viruses on your device, whether that’s a computer or a mobile phone. They don’t store any of your account information.

Where do cookies come from?

There are two sources of cookies:

  • First-party cookies are sent to your device. They can be used to remember your preferences when you visit our website or to maintain your browser connection.
  • Third-party cookies are sent by a third party that provides functionality through our website, such as video clips. This helps the third party to remember your preferences when you visit our website and others.

How long do cookies stay on your device?

Cookies stay on your device for different periods of time:

  • Session cookies generally only last while you have your internet browser open. Once you close your browser they’re automatically deleted from your device.
  • Persistent cookies generally stay on your device after you close your internet browser unless your browser is set up to automatically delete them. They can be used by websites to remember your preferences when you open up your browser again.

What cookies do we use?

This website collects personal data to power Squarespace’s site analytics, including:

  • Information about your browser, network, and device
  • Web pages you visited prior to coming to this website
  • Your IP address

This information may also include details about your use of this website, including:

  • Clicks
  • Internal links
  • Pages visited
  • Scrolling
  • Searches
  • Timestamps

Our website analytics provider may use the information to learn about site traffic and activity.

For information about viewing the cookies dropped on your device, visit SiteGround (

  • These functional and required cookies are always used, which allow SiteGround, our hosting platform, to securely serve this website to you.
  • These analytics and performance cookies are used on this site. Analytics cookies are used to view site traffic, activity, and other data.

Transfers outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

When SiteGround collects information, this is stored by them and their partners.  If Google Analytics is used, please refer to the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

What can you do if you don’t want cookies on your computer?

You can block both analytics and performance, and functionality and customisation cookies for our website by using the buttons on your browser.

You can block cookies by following third-party opt-out instructions. One way of doing this is to change your internet browser settings by following the instructions provided by your browser provider. These are normally located within the ‘Help’, ‘Tools’ or ‘Edit’ menus. You can also use a third party tool to manage cookies.

If you know the third party cookie that’s being used, you can follow their instructions to opt-out. For example, you can opt-out from Google Analytics cookies by visiting Google’s website. However, this may not delete the cookie from your browser altogether. It may just stop the cookie from being sent to your computer in the future.

Some web browsers let you delete cookies completely. If your browser allows it, you’ll be able to change your settings to delete cookies when the browser is closed.

Just remember that if you choose to refuse cookies some website functionality may not work for you.

More information

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. For more information on cookies, or to exercise this right, go to the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

If you want to contact us, you can


Last updated 9th April 2024.