Highway Traffic Management

Temporary traffic management company that places its people and customers front-and-centre.

Who We Are

Temporary Traffic Management

HTM provide temporary traffic management solutions across the highways industry with a focus on safety and delivery, our roots based in Birmingham where our family foundations began.

We take pride in every contract and we will not cut corners to get the job done. We have grown from small beginnings to become industry leaders – not just in what we do but how we do it.

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Our Values

Our values are not just buzz words. They are deep-rooted and foundational.

They drive our vision, our behaviour and our decisions. We live by these values to ensure that we are Streets Ahead.
Years of Experience
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Our Services

Services We Provide

We offer a variety of services to the traffic management sector, including:
  • 12A – Standard (static) traffic management
  • 12B – Relaxation traffic management
  • 12C – Mobile Lane Closures
  • 12D – Streetworks Traffic Management
  • Event Management
  • Major Projects
  • Rapid Response (Emergency Callout)
  • Vehicle Restraint Services (VRS)
  • Professional services:
    • Full design and planning
    • Temporary Traffic Management Design
    • Vehicle Swept Path Analysis
    • 3D Design
    • Pedestrian Control
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Streets Ahead.

To be much better or much more advanced than another thing or entity.

Our Vision

Our Latest Project

Construction makes dreams happen

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What Our Clients Say

“A great team to work with, skilled workforce, adaptable and hard working. Remains my go-to TM contractor!”
Tim Belton
Assistant Works Manager (Schemes), Milestone Infrastructure

Highway Traffic Management’s mission is to create a reputation as a market leader in quality, safety, innovation and socially responsible delivery of traffic management whilst creating opportunities and financial sustainability for all interested parties.

Mission Statement

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