Safety Never Stops

Safety is the first of our six values at HTM.

Without safety, we cannot successfully deliver for our clients. Having safety as our priority ensures that we keep our employees, our clients and members of the public safe.

We have 5 safety principles from our Safety Never Stops campaign that help drive our strong safety culture. These are:

  1. Ready – Be fit and ready for work

  2. Engage – Receive and Engage in safety briefings

  3. Understand – Understand and adhere to all safe systems of work

  4. Report – Report all unsafe events and incidents

  5. Never assume РAlways stop. Never assume.


This is supported through:

  • Our policies and procedures, with a number of policies in place to support the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees. This includes a detailed Health and Safety Policy and Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy. Included within these are specific processes surrounding areas that we aim to help employees in regards to occupational health, fatigue management and overall wellbeing
  • We hold ISO 45001 which is the international standard for health and safety at work, demonstrating our compliance with health and safety law.
  • Mental health and wellbeing is a focus for our business, with our awardwinning Talk More campaign, originally launched in 2017, as well as in-house initiatives such asan Employee Assistance Programme and Talk More Score, proactively checking in periodically with our employees to understand their wellbeing
  • We have a positive reporting culture where our employees flag safety observations to raise tickets with the HSEQ department. These are managed transparently with employees which builds trust and supports open and honest communication. This culture is supported through use of safety alerts and safety stand-downs, monthly Safety Never Stops meetings, additionally contract-specific meetings (where necessary) all supported by Toolbox Talks.