It’s the New Year and that means it’s time for another one of our Meet the Team interviews! This month we are chatting with Contracts Manager, Ross Simpson, who has been working in this role for 3 years overseeing multiple contracts assisting with the growth of HTM.

What is your job role at HTM? Contracts Manager.

How long have you worked for HTM? 17 Years.

Have you held any other positions within HTM? I started with no qualifications on the road to then be fully ticketed in both 12D and 12AB. I then did a short stint within the yard before being promoted to operations manager and then to my current role as contracts manager.

Have you always worked in the TM industry? No, my original trade was a qualified chef with then progressing into managing/running public houses.

How did you find it adapting to/joining the traffic management industry? From my previous jobs and experiences, mixing and working with others was and has never been a problem for me. Obviously, my biggest challenge was to learn a completely new trade within an industry unknown to me.

Which of the values resonates the strongest with you and why? Clearly all 6 of our values are as important as each other and key for the continuous development and growth for the company and its individuals. After my own personal experiences, mental health is the one that will always be the most relatable.

Tell us a bit about your role?

I’m responsible for monitoring & controlling individual contracts, site, scheme delivery and performance along with quoting/estimating on existing or new clientele.

Forecasting, projecting and increasing monthly/annual turnover.

Ensuring/assisting with company health and safety, policies & procedures, contract/programming and planning all in line with HTM’s best practices and values.

Maintaining and improving existing and new client’s turnover.

Through liaison with external clients and in-house colleagues, manage, monitor standards, procedures and communication.

Managing teams in various aspects from onsite to office-based personnel to improve and maintain delivery standards.

If you could have a super power, what would it be? It’s a tough one, but I think it would have to be flying.

Your karaoke song would be? Apologies but I can’t sing and if I do (very, very, very rarely) then I sound like a very bad Barry White with my deep voice. Karaoke is something I always try and swerve!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? One piece of advice my dad always used to say to both me and my brother growing up, which has always stuck with me is, “In order to get, you have to give.”

What are the top 3 words you would use to describe your role at HTM? Integral, developing and improving.

What do you enjoy most in your job role? The thing I relish the most would have to be maintaining and building new relationships with clients and colleagues along with the diversity and individuality of the works we undertake.

HTM career highlight so far or something you’re most proud of? My time at HTM as a whole really, starting from day 1 not have any knowledge of our industry through to gaining various promotions and to get to where I am now and still learning.

What motivates you on a personal and a professional level? Personally, to maintain with constant improvement to me and my families way of life and health. Professionally, no day is ever the same with different daily challenges which keep you on your toes; “Every day is a school day.”

Can’t get through the day without…? Coffee!

What are you currently looking forward to/excited about for the business? With the whirlwind last 24 months during what has been a very challenging time for everyone, HTM have more than doubled in size with no signs of slowing down, making both not only as a company but individually the potential for a bright future and existing future very exciting. It encourages you to want to be part of the journey and find how far it can take you.

What advice do you have for anyone considering a career in Traffic Management? Take the leap. It’s an industry which is constantly developing, improving and fast becoming the first thing to be discussed/arranged for any major or day to day works required, making it a necessity and mainstay on any highways across the country.

What’s the last book you read? I’ve never been a big reader of books as any spare time not spent with the family will always be spent on a golf course somewhere! I am however helping my daughter at the moment with reading one of David Walliams books, Gangsta Granny Strikes Again.

What’s your hidden talent? Very irrelevant and pointless, but I hold our family record for 64 wine gums in my mouth at one go – without chewing!

How did you come across the job at HTM? A friend of mine was working at HTM at the time who recommended I apply for a job once there were vacancies.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Maintaining my current position within the business but also seeing what new opportunities materialize as the company continues to grow.

Favourite food? Thai.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 18-year old self? Grab every opportunity with both hands and always give 100% in what you do, whatever the outcome. You’ll find more often than not you’ll reap the reward(s) both professionally and personally.

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