Highway Traffic Management have been awarded the contract for Coventry which will see them work across a range of maintenance projects for the council.

HTM originally won the contract over 5 years ago, working to provide maintenance work across Coventry. After a short hiatus, HTM has returned back to the contract after submitting a winning bid in September when the contract was up for tender. This will see the temporary traffic management business join the contract as sole supplier for a minimum 2 years, with the chance for an additional 2 years to be awarded on top of this.

“We’re pleased to be able to return to Coventry and support the council with a range of maintenance projects, along with the potential for some new major construction projects. We have experience in the area already, and we are looking forward to bringing new solutions and ideas to the table for our return,” said HTM’s Contracts Manager, Adam Hurl.

The contract sees the temporary traffic management company re-establish it’s presence in another part of the West Midlands, building upon the historical success the business has seen within the region.

Marcus Casey, Business Director for HTM commented: “We’re looking forward to returning to Coventry and starting the contract with a fresh approach. We have a lot of experience to draw from when we working in this area previously, but having time away has also enabled us to identify more opportunities to innovate and make an impact for Coventry City Council.”

The contract will commence this month in October and will see Contracts Manager Adam Hurl work closely with Coventry City Council to delivery on the project.

“We have already had initial engagement meetings and are well positioned to kick start the contract.” continued Adam.

Paul Sherman, Senior Site Agent for Coventry City Council shared his thoughts, “We’re pleased to welcome HTM back on the contract and look forward to reconnecting on this scope of works.”

HTM have committed to investing in the area with local employment opportunities being created as a result of the contract, which would mean any hires will also benefit from the bespoke training and development framework that the business has established. This will include attending recruitment fairs as well as liaising with local schools to educate young people about the industry and potentially create more opportunities for work experience and to support the next generation into the highways industry. This will also see engagement with local suppliers, charity organisations and the business becoming more established within the community as a business operating within the city.

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