Client: Balfour Beatty on behalf of Coventry City Council
Stakeholders: Balfour Beatty, Coventry City Council, local area (businesses and residents), SCAPE Civil Engineering (speak to MG for any more info), SRL
Project: Air Quality Projects – Junction 7 Works
Scheme Duration: 12 months (started May 2022, projected end date Spring 2023)
Delivery: Birmingham Depot

The project is aimed at changing the road layout and widening the carriageways to enable more traffic to use them. This is aimed to increase traffic flow, to ultimately reduce pollution levels and improve traffic efficiency.

HTM supplied the initial CAD traffic management layout drawings that were utilised as part of the bidding process and were subsequently awarded the project.
Adam was involved in designing the traffic management to suit where the client’s working areas were, participating in the TM planning meetings which took place on a weekly basis at the start of the project, which are currently held once every two weeks.

HTM have worked closely with SRL and Coventry City Council by using traffic flow data from Coventry City Council to design the phasing of the temporary traffic signals, in order to minimise the build up of traffic for both the lead up to and during the works. This is something that is reviewed monthly for each phase, prior to installation, to anticipate any issues and apply learnings from previous phase works.

Balfour Beatty & Coventry City Council had initially planned a right turn at a junction on the island, which as a result would have created an additional 20% of traffic delays. HTM were able to review the drawings along with SRL to advise the removal of this right-hand turn which would increase the efficiency by 20% instead, which was acknowledged by the client and incorporated into the design.

Phase A – Spon End and Butts Road – 3 phases in total in phase A: This phase is widening the carriage way to create a second lane going into Coventry city centre. The main aim of this is to stop the single file traffic from queuing to improve air quality along that route.

Phase B – Junction 7 off Coventry Ring Road – 8 phases in total in phase B: This is creating new junction layouts to reduce the pollution and improve traffic flow, and efficiency of the junction.

HTM have always had a 12D maintenance crew operating on this site on a 24hr basis, consisting of general maintenance work such as re-sleeving cones, assisting with delivery access and egress to the site, installing and removing lane closures, pedestrian closures and diversions.

When implementing major phase changes, HTM and SRL were in attendance with a larger group of operatives to help initiate these changes. This would consist of total road closures during the night to allow for safe installation of the new phase.

HTM were asked by the client to lead an engaging Safety Stand Up campaign with operatives in September 2022. HTM’s Training & Development Coordinator visited the clients’ site to lead a session surrounding safety zones, safety distances, requirements for chapter 8 markings on vehicles, how to enter and exit lane closures and merge into existing live lanes safely, plus the legality of moving cones/signage if they haven’t been trained, followed by a Q&A session.

In addition, HTM helped acknowledge concerns of local businesses who will have been impacted by the junction and lane closures. HTM provided additional warning signs which helped customers for these businesses follow alternative routes to access these businesses, again supporting traffic flow around the area by redirecting traffic where appropriate.

“This project has had a variety of obstacles occur and started off as a very challenging project due to members of the public protesting and not wanting the works to continue,” commented Adam Hurl.

“Through working closely with commercial and residential properties within the area, HTM have enabled access for deliveries and customer parking to minimise any impact and disruption to the area. This was achieved through proposing alternative drawings and working with the client to achieve the best possible solution, meaning that the impact upon traffic flow was minimised but that the phase plans were also amended to facilitate these solutions.”

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