HTM support new playground design for Birmingham based Yardley Wood Community Primary School, repurposing an old wooden seating area to their woodland project, updating their sports track lines and providing their very own playground road network, with the support of WJ and R&C Williams.

Yardley Wood Community Primary School were treated to their very own Highways DIY SOS team this month, as HTM, R&C Williams and WJ worked on a social value project helping to transform the grey playground into an engaging road network, encouraging physical activity, creativity, and socialization among children.

The team began by designing a road network that would run throughout the playground, featuring a zebra crossing, roundabout and intersections and scooter track, allowing children to navigate the space on foot as well as a scooter. This included a large bright green roundabout with new picnic benches to again encourage social interactions and help break up the space.

“We wanted to create a unique and engaging environment for pupils to enjoy, whilst referencing the highways industry and the companies who have helped make this project a success.” commented Greg Baldwin.

R&C were tasked with removing a large wooden seating area, chopping and sawing the wood into smaller pieces that have been repurposed for the schools woodland area and filling in the remaining holes in the playground to ensure it is safe for children.

“It’s been great to support a project like this where we have supported a local school and worked together with industry peers to achieve a fantastic end result.” commented R&C’s Sam Drew.

WJ Lining had the largest task, relining the schools sports track and painting on two smaller-scale tennis courts, scooter track, road network and the green roundabout which has made a real impact upon the space, adding a splash of vibrant colour to the centre of the playground and becoming the space for the picnic benches to sit.

“We’re glad to have been able to support this project and make such a visible and direct impact for the pupils with the addition of colour and lining, which we hope they will enjoy during breaktimes and PE lessons.” said Roy Williams from WJ.

“It’s been great to see how the space has become more dynamic and will help encourage children’s imagination and creativity as they engage with the new playground features.” commented Head teacher Mr Turner.

“We’re really pleased with how the space has been transformed and look forward to seeing how the children react when they witness the new layout and get to experience it.” he continued.

Teacher and Sports Leader, Richard Hopkins added: “The addition of the mini tennis courts and scooter track, along with the refreshed sports track, have meant there’s more for us to offer in PE lessons and not just breaktimes.”

HTM provided picnic benches and large planters, which will help to inject further colour to the space and will also help local wildlife thrive in addition to the schools vegetable garden and woodland area.

HTM will be returning to Yardley Wood School to run an interactive session with year 6 pupils, teaching them about the highways industry, using VR headsets to give them an idea what it can be like working as a traffic management operative and why PPE is so important.

They will also be running a colouring competition across the entire school, with the winning pupils being able to come and visit HTM’s head office and help unveil a new mural at their headquarters.

“It’s been a great project to collaborate with R&C and WJ, and we’re looking forward to the next stage engaging with children in the classroom and helping them to learn about the sector.” said Greg.

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