Highway Traffic Management (HTM) has recently announced their sponsorship of Rob Bull Racing as part of the Oval Track Legends series.

A national event that features 1250cc cars based on vintage American hot rod body shapes but are powered by 1200/1250cc superbike engines, these little cars are extremely quick in a straight line and demand plenty of driving skill from some of Britain’s top oval racing drivers.

Rob, is a rookie in this year’s series, but he’s already making waves with his impressive driving skills.

HTM has recognised Rob’s potential, and they’ve decided to throw their support behind him and his team. By sponsoring Rob Bull Racing, HTM hopes to build stronger relationships with both Rob and his team, accelerating his success, and forging further relationships with a view to utilising Rob’s know-how, and skills to provide unique corporate day experiences involving Rob’s race car.

Legends Racing

Originally imported from the USA in the 1990s, these cars are one of the leading non-contact formulas around the UK.

Legends are most popular in the USA, but championships for these cars exist across the world, and UK racers regularly feature prominently in the world rankings. This is Rob’s goal, and HTM is right behind him.

Rob Bull Racing

As a rookie, Rob is a new driver in the series, but he’s already making a name for himself thanks to his impressive driving skills. With HTM’s sponsorship, the team will have access to additional resources and support that will help them continue to grow and succeed in the competitive world of oval track racing.

In a win-win situation for both HTM and Rob Bull Racing. HTM will be able to strengthen their relationships with clients and partners by providing exciting and memorable experiences, in addition to some employee engagement days, whilst Rob and his team will have the support they need to continue to succeed in the Oval Track Legends series.

Rob told us:

“I’m really pleased to be working with HTM and I’m grateful for their sponsorship and support. I’m excited to get on the track this season and make a good impression in my rookie year. I’ll be giving it everything and hopefully making HTM proud.”

Greg Baldwin, HTM Managing Director also commented:

“Sponsoring Rob is something we’re delighted to do, we’ve got a few keen car and racing enthusiasts at HTM, so we’ll be well invested in how Rob’s doing.”

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