Birmingham homeless support charity, SIFA Fireside, is preparing to launch the next stage of its life improvement programme for homeless adults over 25 through an innovative employability programme.

The Building Employability Project will provide a link between organisations that have pledged to improve their approach to socially responsible recruitment and work-ready individuals who are looking to rebuild their lives.

Getting into the world of work is essential for a successful move on for homeless and vulnerably housed people. This new programme, from SIFA Fireside and their corporate partners, highlights and tackles the challenges that homeless or exploited individuals face when trying to secure gainful employment.

The Building Employability project will provide specialist training and advice to organisations who are striving to make their employment more accessible, as well as providing education around how organisations can identify the signs of potential human trafficking and modern slavery.

Whilst some of SIFA Fireside’s homeless and vulnerably housed clients may be close to being work ready and could potentially be fast tracked into an employment position with a pledger, the programme doesn’t just cater for these situations. Training from pledgers and SIFA Fireside will also support clients to become work-ready through CV workshops, interview advice, and work experience alongside other life skills sessions that SIFA Fireside runs regularly.

Melissa Roche, the Fundraising, Communications and Volunteering Manager at SIFA Fireside comments:

“With Balfour Beatty and Highway Traffic Management getting on board at the ground level, the potential impact on the lives of homeless people is enormous! However, we’re still looking to increase the range and diversity of the roles that we can offer so that individuals have a choice. Therefore, the more
pledgers the better.”

Melissa added, “Of course, the most important aspect of this project is that work-ready homeless and vulnerably housed individuals will be supported as they rebuild their lives with safety and dignity. The Modern Slavery awareness aspect of the project is crucial to make sure that employment remains responsible, and that vulnerable people aren’t being exploited.”

SIFA Fireside will be marking the launch of the Building Employability project with an open event for existing and potential pledgers. Invited guests will be welcomed to the Drop-In Centre on Tuesday January 25th from 2-4pm to see first-hand how the project will positively impact homeless and vulnerably housed adults.

If you would like to attend, simply send a message to

To find out more about SIFA Fireside, including how you can support them, visit

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