Highway Traffic Management have continued to see promotions within the business as new Contracts Coordinators and Supervisors progress in Birmingham.

HTM have seen further organic growth as Supervisor Ben Kirby steps up into the role of Contracts Coordinator, whilst Mo Nazir and Nigel Winn move into the role of Supervisor. Both Ben and Mo have worked for the company for a number of years, starting off as trainee traffic management operatives and both demonstrating their ability to quickly learn the ropes and progress within the business by gaining further tickets. Nigel has also worked his way through the ranks within the business.

Ben joined the businesses in 2020, becoming a Lead Operative in early 2021 before moving on to the role of a Supervisor in January 2022. Having worked across a variety of contracts and demonstrated his in-depth understanding of the industry, he’s now getting stuck into the role of Contracts Coordinator.

“It’s been good to continue to challenge myself, taking on more responsibility and applying my knowledge in a different way, as well as continuing to support the operatives on the road” said Ben.

Mo Nazir is another example of an individual who has shown his commitment to his work and thorough understanding of the industry.

“It’s been great to have the opportunity to continue to progress within the business and step up into the role of Supervisor.” said Mo.

Contracts Manager, Andy Booth, commented on the new appointees: “Both Ben and Mo are highly motivated individuals who apply a level of care and attention to their job that has helped them succeed and progress within the business.”

“It’s great to see Ben now applying his operational experience to the role of Contracts Coordinator. He’s adapted to his new role seamlessly and is dealing everything in his stride.”

“Mo has also adapted extremely well to his Supervisor responsibilities. The improvements we have seen across the works he has been supporting with have been down to Mo and his hard work.”

“I’m enjoying the increased opportunity in my new role to support operatives and help develop problem-solving skills across the workforce as well as strengthen relationships with our clients.” said Nigel.

Contracts Manager, Matus Fedorco, commented on the news: “Nigel has progressed into the role of Supervisor seamlessly and is fantastic support to the teams across the contract as well as to us within the office. Thank you Nigel.”

Business Director, Marcus Casey, added: “Having the new headquarters has definitely helped those moving from an operational role into the office environment. The space has got room for more growth in Birmingham but it also helps us to nurture our collaborative working approach and mean those new to working behind a desk have got access to as much support as they need. It’s great to see the progression happening across the business at every level.”

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