Next up in the HTM hot seat is Mo Stephano.

Your full name?

Moreblessings Kudakwashe Stephano

Job title?

Human Resources and Payroll Coordinator

Favourite song right now?

Ye by Burna Boy.

Best bit about working for HTM?

The people – very very friendly, collaborative and really fun.

Do you have your own Netflix account or do you use someone else’s?

I have my own.

Which coworker do you message the most?

Lucinda because we work together and possibly Sharon as well, because we work hand in hand

What have you done for the first time recently?

I spent the day in bed sleeping, doing nothing!

What is your biggest strength?

I suppose my people skills, I’m very friendly and I make people comfortable and trustworthy.

3 dream dinner party guests?

Steven Bartlett, The Prime Minister of Zambia – I would love to understand how he thinks and you know, what he’s working on, for the economy and everything. Mary J Blige because you know, I just lover her.

That’s it, times up!

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