The highways sector has an important role to play in achieving sustainability targets and reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

To accelerate progress in this area, Greener Highways has been established as a membership organisation that aims to unite the highways sector and provide support for sustainability initiatives, of which Highway Traffic Management is a founding member.

As part of this effort, Kayleigh Sheward of HTM has joined the Greener Highways steering group to contribute to the organisation’s decision-making processes and provide key feedback.

Kayleigh is a member of the team at HTM, a company that specialises in temporary traffic management services. She brings a wealth of enthusiasm and ambition to Greener Highways, has recently completed her NEBOSH EMC, and is the dedicated environmental lead at HTM.

As a member of the steering group, Kayleigh will be working alongside other industry experts to help shape the direction of the organisation and drive progress towards sustainability targets. Her input will be crucial in guiding the development of Greener Highways’ member programme into the future and ensuring that the organisation is providing relevant and effective support for its members.

Kayleigh’s role on the steering group will also involve providing key feedback on the progress of Greener Highways’ initiatives and contributing to discussions on the future of the organisation. With her expertise, Kayleigh will be a valuable asset in these discussions and will help ensure that the organisation is making progress towards its goals.

Greener Highways offers a range of initiatives to support its members, including CPD, training, community and social value initiatives. By bringing together members of the highways sector, Greener Highways aims to provide a platform for sharing best practices and driving progress towards sustainability targets.

With Kayleigh on board, the Greener Highways steering group is well-positioned to guide the organisation towards achieving its goals for 2023 and beyond.

Kayleigh commented:

“Having recently completed my NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate, further involvement with the steering group for Greener Highways is the next step forward to applying my knowledge from the course. It also provides the opportunity to have input early on with the Greener Highways projects and bring a fresh perspective and approach to topics on the Greener Highways agenda.”


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