January is a great time for renewed focus upon health & wellbeing, and the team at Highway Traffic Management jumped right in by signing up to RED January, a campaign that encourages people to run or be active on every day of the month in order to experience the mental health and wellbeing benefits that are associated with exercise.

RED January sees participants raise money for Sport In Mind, a charity which transforms the lives and mental health of children and adults through sport and physical activity.

In order to reach their time and fundraising targets, the HTM team took part in outdoor and indoor running in addition to gym workouts and a 5-aside football match involving other TTM businesses such as UTS, Consilium and R&C Williams.

At the two-week mark, Health, Safety & Environment Manager Matt Higgs, commented:

”Since starting RED January after a few months of no exercise, I have seen a positive shift in terms of my general mood, wellbeing, attitude and general outlook on my day. When the weather has been poor, it has been a challenge to get out and do it, but once I am out there, straight away I can feel the benefits of the exercise and doing something positive. My family at home have noticed that along with more energy throughout the day, I am also sleeping better and waking up more refreshed.”

The company managed to smash their £500 target within the first week of the challenge, with a grand total of £1,422 raised for Sport In Mind by the end of the month.

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