Here it comes – it’s the second instalment of our ‘Meet the Team’ series and this time we’re catching up with Business Director, Marcus Casey.

Marcus has worked in almost every role within the HTM and is a face well-recognised within the business and the wider traffic management industry. He helps lead the company by working closely with heads of department to work towards business goals and milestones as well as overseeing the overall commercial strategy.

Keep reading if you’d like to get to know a bit more about his role at HTM.

How long have you worked for HTM?

I started in February 2001, so 20 years and counting!

What do you think have been the biggest changes/improvements in the industry so far?

For me, by far the biggest improvements and changes have to be towards safety. From PPE to vehicles, equipment, processes and methods have all been constantly improved year on year to try and eliminate any accidents or incidents.

What other positions have you held within HTM?

I genuinely only came to HTM for a couple of weeks to help out whilst they were busy. I could see that HTM was a progressive company and for it to grow, everyone had the opportunity to grow with it. I started as an unqualified traffic management operative and over the years progressed through every level. TM Operative, TM Foreman, Operations Manager, Contracts Manager, Marketing Manager, Commercial Manager, Commercial Director to where I am today as the Business Director.

Have you always worked in the TM industry?

No, I had a few jobs before I started at HTM when I was 23. I had a few jobs since I left school. Whilst waiting for a new job to start I took on a temporary role in a chocolate factory, putting nuts into Walnut whips! The job I had just before working at HTM was a sign fitter which I did for a few years.

Which of the values resonates the strongest with you and why?

Obviously, I am passionate about all of our values. These values that we live and breathe today have always been there since my very first day. But the biggest for me would be Mental Health, over the last few years, we have been given the tools to able to recognise and help with people’s mental health. With any of our employees, I believe that if their mental health is in a good place, all of the other values will follow.

What does a typical day/week look like in your role?

Every day starts with reading new emails, then setting out a plan for the day, this can consist of various meetings with heads of departments to discuss ongoing business objectives and targets.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

The power to fly. With the power to fly, you will never have to wait in traffic again.

Favourite film and why?

The Goonies, (they never say die!) Funny, adventurous, feel good. What more do you need from a film?

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

If you don’t know the answer, say you don’t and then find out what it is. (Keith Baldwin 2006!)

What are the top 3 skills you need to successfully do your job?

To be curious, passionate and dedicated.

What do you enjoy most in your job role?

Getting involved in everything and working with people to help them achieve their goals.

What did you find the most useful and insightful thing from your MHFA England training?

I can honestly say that the MHFA course totally changed my way of thinking about how I look at mental health, it didn’t just open my mind to the issues that other people go through on a daily basis, it helps you to look at yourself and your own wellbeing. It has shown me that something as little as “hey how are you today” can mean a huge difference to someone’s day. Of all the courses that I have been on whilst at HTM, the MHFA course is by far the best I have ever been on.

HTM career highlight so far?

Getting a watch for my long service, to be recognised and thanked for giving the company 20 years was an absolute honour to receive.

What motivates you on a personal and a professional level?

Security, achievements and adventure.

Can’t get through the day without…?

Coffee, people and laughter (but definitely coffee!)

What are you currently looking forward to or excited about for the business?

Moving to our new headquarters, we will finally have a building that’s our own that will suit how our business is run. I think after 26 years, we deserve it!

Guilty pleasure?

A Sunday afternoon snooze after dinner!

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