HTM set out on a Talk More Roadshow for Mental Health Awareness Week, engaging with their workforce across each of their depots to ensure employees understand the support services available to them within the business.

Mental health and wellbeing can be a taboo topic within many industries. At Highway Traffic Management, significant work is being done to try and normalise conversations around the subject, with campaigns such as Talk More being more notable recent efforts, along with regular mental health check-ins with their staff.

For mental health awareness week 2023, the temporary traffic management business set out to engage with its workforce around the theme of ‘Anxiety’ for 2023, with a ‘Talk More’ roadshow seeing qualified mental health first aiders, led by HSE Manager, Matt Higgs, visit each of their depots to remind their employees about the support services available to them.

As a company whose people and culture are at the heart of the business, ensuring mental health and wellbeing is an ongoing conversation is essential to the company’s strategy, with targets of a minimum of 10% of the workforce trained as Mental Health First Aiders by the end of the business year.

“We understand the importance of having a strategic approach to mental health and wellbeing. As we grow, we need to have a sufficient number of Mental Health First Aiders who are able to spot the signs of someone struggling with their mental health and wellbeing and support them or signpost them effectively.”

Having already shared stories and experiences around mental health from their operatives on their internal platform, this year, a member of management also opened up about their own experiences.

“Mental health is an area that most people, including myself, can feel hesitant to talk about, which is why it’s so important that we show how people across all areas of the business can experience poor mental health. Being open and honest about my own experiences, I’m hoping to enable others within the workforce to be able to acknowledge their own mental health and wellbeing and encourage more people to talk more.”

The business also had support from Talk More founding members, First For Recruit, who came to support in Birmingham on day one of the roadshow.

“It’s so important that our suppliers and our partners understand our ethos and our approach to mental health and wellbeing” commented Greg Badlwin, HTM’s Managing Director.

“It’s fantastic to see FFR get involved with the roadshow and we’re going to be ensuring we gather feedback from our workforce at the end of the event to understand what more we could be doing to support them with their mental health and wellbeing.”

The company have consistently participated in Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing for the last three years and have established strong relationships with local mental health charity, Birmingham Mind.

“Mike Jeffries and the rest of the team from Birmingham Mind have been incredible in supporting all of our Mental Health First Aid training. We couldn’t have achieved this without them, and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with them to upskill our workforce with such useful mental health and wellbeing tools,” added Matt.

“It’s great to see the dedication and commitment from HTM to empower their workforce with the skills to promote a healthy working culture around mental health and wellbeing.” commented Mike Jeffries, Training Manager at Birmingham Mind.

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