HTM return to Birmingham Pride Parade for 2023 and celebrate ‘Power in Pride’ within the business for Pride Month.

Highway Traffic Management continue to display their commitment to diversity and inclusion by returning for 2023’s Birmingham Pride Parade. The parade, which beat previous records to be the largest Birmingham Pride parade in history, kicked things off leading into Pride Month for June.

The company had great engagement with the workforce thanks to the entry of the vehicle last year, which was used to launch an LGBTQ+ working group within the business.

“The parade meant we were able to continue the conversation around Pride by keeping the rainbow logo and vehicle livery in action out on the road and out on site for a number of weeks post-event, which was a great conversation starter wth clients and members of the public” said Business Director, Marcus Casey.

HTM updated their traditional tyre-tread livery design by incorporating the Pride rainbow colours, with special alloys, rainbow flashing lights, banners and bunting added to the vehicle for the purpose of the parade.

For Kurt and Aaron, who are couple working within HTM, they know how it can feel to join an industry that is historically a hetero-male dominated environment.

“We enjoy working for HTM and we know how it can feel joining this sort of industry. Having worked here and been supported and made to feel included, we want to help more people be open-minded to joining the traffic management industry,” commented Aaron.

“We want to inspire the next generation of traffic management operatives that this industry is inclusive,” said Kurt.

“You can come to work and just be yourself, without compromise. Seeing our vehicle in the parade could positively impact younger people considering this industry as a career path,” he continued.

Employees from al levels of the organisation attended the parade, with HTM handing out ‘Proudly Supporting Pride’ stickers, handheld rainbow flags and HTM stress cones to parade visitors.

“We’re really proud to be showing our support for the LGBTQ+ community at the parade again this year and continue flying the flag for the traffic management industry,” continued Marcus.

HTM’s active involvement in the event not only provides an opportunity to reinforce their support for the LGBTQ+ community but also their commitment to fostering an inclusive working environment that supports equality, diversion and inclusion. With the parade returning to it’s May event schedule following a hiatus after the pandemic and a late September parade in 2022, HTM’s vehicle will have the Pride livery in action out on site for June’s Pride month.

Birmingham Pride Festival Coordinator, Simon Baker commented, “It’s fantastic having so many local businesses show their support for Pride with the 2023 parade being the largest event we have ever hosted, now in it’s 26th year.”

“Companies like HTM who get involved and show their support for the LGBTQ+ community are helping raise awareness and promote equality, diversity and inclusion within their businesses and the wider community.”

LTMO Kurt shared his thoughts on what ‘Power in Pride’ means to him: “The true meaning is being proud of yourself, whether in the LGBTQ+ community or not, that we can be ourselves and do not need to hide this within society.

“I’m someone who has hidden my true identity in the past. I’ve portrayed my life as a straight man for so many years, knowing deep down inside I am gay but hiding it to be accepted as “normal” within society.

“My mental health really took a hit due to this, I went through a lot, mentally and physically. But having the ability and support to finally come out as a gay man, just 4 years ago, has changed my life so much.”

“Knowing I have the support from others around me has helped me become who I am now. For me, ‘Power in Pride’ is not just about helping lifestyles, but also about saving lives. If I didn’t have the support I did, I wouldn’t be here today.”

“Power of pride is about having the ability to be proud of ourselves individually. Learning to love your true self and not having to hide this.”

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